Apple Cider Vinegar Bath: What Are Its Benefits?

The value of apple cider vinegar has also extended beyond satisfying our palates.

Apple cider in bottles

What’s up with apple cider vinegar bath? Does it really work?

We often associate Apple Cider Vinegar as a salad dressing, part of a recipe to add a bit of zing to a dish or stand-alone dip for fried dumplings served in many Asian restaurants.  Apple cider vinegar or ACV is also popular with those who are trying to manage or lose weight as it purported to have compounds that can speed up metabolism.

However, the value of apple cider vinegar has also extended beyond satisfying our palates and our ongoing battle with the bulge.  Others may find it amusing, but do you know that Apple cider has added benefits when used as a bathing agent? Let’s find out what these benefits are.

But First, What is Apple Cider and Why is it Popular?

Apple cider has been used for hundreds or thousands of years in ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome. It was primarily used as an antibacterial remedy for wounds and most likely for other mild skin ailments. 

Apple cider vinegar is actually not complex; it makes civilizations for it to ferment.  The sour taste is due to acetic acid formed during the fermentation phase.

Although in-depth studies on the medicinal benefits of using apple cider vinegar have yet to be fully explored, a lot has already reported its effectivity – beyond preserving foods and usefulness in making local cuisines tasty.  From lowering blood sugar, enhancing heart health, controlling weight and even treating certain skin maladies, these simple “miracles” have all been attributed to apple cider vinegar.

Aside from these, apple cider vinegar contains Vitamins C and B.  Both vitamins are known to have beneficial effects on the skin.

Why is Apple Cider Vinegar Useful for Bathing?

Since the compounds can naturally eradicate some forms of bacteria, using it as a bathing agent surely can further cleanse, heal and maybe restore the skin’s vitality. 

Of course, we all know that apple cider vinegar still has acetic acid components, thus using it directly should not be done.  Mixing it with water is essential so as not to aggravate or even burn the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath Benefits

Reasons Why Apple Cider is Good for Bathing

It helps remove body odor

We all know when perspiration, moisture and dirt mix, bacteria thrive so our body emits and strong pungent smell that can turn off people.  Apple cider can help eliminate this nasty smell as it has natural anti-bacterial compounds.

Restore the skin’s PH level

Body wash and soaps really make the skin smell good and feel soft to touch, but too much can strip away the skin’s natural acid. Although apple cider has acetic acid, it is considered mild plus it has properties that can help balance the skin’s acid and alkaline level.

Removes bacteria vaginosis and yeast candida 

Many females experience yeast infection called yeast candida and other types of bacteria that can irritate the vagina. Factors that can lead to such include diet, products used for washing and even allergic reaction to certain types of underwear.  The growth and presence of bacteria can be removed by mixing apple cider vinegar in your bathwater.

It helps eradicate athlete’s foot 

Another reason why incorporating apple cider in some of our baths is its’ ability to heal fungal infection – fungi that attack the nails/toenails and the foot.  Just soak your whole body including the feet in the bath to treat and heal the infected parts.

It helps retain the skin’s moisture

Contrary to what other’s have said, having an acidic skin helps the skin maintain its moisture. But again, some skin products like soaps can strip away the acidity making the skin super dry.  Using apple cider helps in restoring the acidy, thus making it soft to touch.

Reduces joint pains

Aging can really test our joints and back, making some people wince by merely kneeling or bending. Athletes and those who love working out sometimes feel this pain too.  Bathing regularly with apple cider helps in reducing aches and pains in the joints.

It makes the hair healthy and shiny 

Shampoos and other hair cleaning products are good, but it can either strip away some natural enzymes and leave residues. Oily residues can also make the hair look heavy and dull in the long run.  Washing the hair with a combination of apple cider vinegar and water helps remove oily residues without making it dry. Although apple cider vinegar has acetic acid – its ph level is similar to the essence of the hair, thus using apple cider vinegar with water for rinsing can actually remove the oily feeling, restoring shine and life.

May help relieve pimples and warts

While the effectivity may not be widely tested yet, some suggest that apple cider can help treat pimples and warts. Mixing it in bathwater could help in reducing pimples and warts on the face, and in other body parts as well.

Reduce dandruff

Since apple cider vinegar has anti-fungal properties, it could help treat dandruff on the scalp caused by a fungus called Malassezia.  Rinsing the hair with water mixed with apple cider could eradicate this fungus on the scalp and hair.

It helps soothe sunburn

Too much exposure under the heat of the sun can burn and redden the skin.  Since apple cider has a natural ph level, it can help relieve the pain and swelling. Make sure though that you mix the water with apple cider and not apply the latter directly.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar in Bath

Although apple cider has a lot of benefits like coconut oil and honey, it should still be used with caution when applying to the skin or even drinking it for health reasons. It still contains acid plus its vinegar thus it can still irritate the skin when applied directly. Thus in a bath, it should be combined with water.

In a tub of warm water, add two cups of apple cider vinegar and then immerse yourself for 20 minutes maximum.  If the smell is too much, rinse after but wait for several minutes for the skin to absorb the natural nutrients of the apple cider.

If possible, purchase apple cider vinegar that was not chemically aged, but naturally fermented as this has more natural nutrients and less harsh.

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