Are Humidifiers Helpful or Harmful?

Humidifier will prevent the dryness of the air that can cause irritation to different part of the body that will result to sickness.


Humidity has a natural moisturizing agent that can relieve dryness to our skin, dry throat, nose irritation, dry cough, and cracked lips. And using humidifiers can help add moisture to dry air, especially during the winter season. But the question is, are humidifiers helpful or harmful when it comes to alleviating the mentioned symptoms?

Benefits Of Using a Humidifier

1. Prevents influenza

Some studies say that using a humidifier can reduce the chances of flu. Forty percent humidity can reduce the influenza virus activation into the air that makes them less infectious to person.

2. Can make cough productive for phlegm relief

Dry air can make cough drier, which is not good for your respiratory system. If the air is moisturized, it can make the cough productive that will result to release the trapped sticky phlegm.

3. It can help reduce snoring

Breathing dry air can trigger snoring. Using a humidifier can help reduce snoring by making the air moisturized which results in the airways passable for air.

4. Alleviates asthma and other allergy symptoms

Dry air can make asthma worsen and can trigger an allergy. That’s whys it’s good to use a humidifier during the winter season when the air is drier than usual.

5. Keeps hair and skin moisturized

Because of dry air during winter or cold season, using a humidifier can maintain the moisture of the skin and hair even if the air is dry.

Risk Of Too Much Using Of Humidifier

Too much humidity

Humidity in the air, when too much can cause breathing difficulty and can make some allergy worse. Too much humidity can activate allergens such as dust mites and molds that can be developed in your humidifier tank.

Dirty air

If you forget to clean your humidifier according to its needs you will tend to breathe dirty air from your humidifier. A dirty humidifier can be a fortress of germs that’s why it’s important to clean regularly your humidifier to avoid contaminating the air from it.

Using tap water is a no-no

The main reason for this is tap water contains a lot of minerals than distilled water. More minerals from tap water can build up in the machine that can cause contamination of air.

Mold growth

Since the machine uses water it’s given that if you will not clean the humidifier mold can develop. Airborne mold spores can go into the nose which may cause sneezing, itching, congestion, runny nose and can trigger asthma

Respiratory problem

Too much use of humidifiers can cause some problems of the respiratory system since too much humidity can trigger some allergies.

Types of humidifier

Below are the different types of humidifiers according to your needs.

1. Warm mist humidifier

Warm mist humidifier has a warm soothing mist that can you feel from the machine. This type of humidifier is best for treating cold and flu during winter and quieter than other humidifiers. But this type of humidifier needs to clean frequently to maintain its soothing warm mist and to avoid producing dirty air that can worsen cold and flu and it’s only cover small space in the house.

2. Cool mist humidifier

This type of humidifier is used to filter trapped minerals and dirt that can cause the impurity of the air. This is easier to clean than other types of humidifiers and can be used in larger spaces in the house or workplace. But the downside of this humidifier is it’s noisier than other types of humidifiers.

3. Whose house humidifier

This will cover a large area or space. It can cater to the whole house or workplace. This humidifier is mainly used for the whole house. You need to clean this humidifier once a week.

4. Ultrasonic humidifier

This humidifier uses a metal diaphragm that vibrates to an ultrasonic frequency that creates water droplets that will release to a fan to moisturize the covered area with its cool fog. It’s quiet and easy to maintain.

Tips on using Humidifier

  1. Always check the humidity level to avoid over humidity: It can be beneficial to you because you can check if you are using too much humidity or you use enough of it.
  2. Change your humidifier water regularly: To keep your humidifier tank always clean change the water regularly the water inside your tank.
  3. Only use distilled water: Do not use tap water to avoid building up some minerals inside your humidifier tank.
  4. Change your humidifier filter: Make sure that the air from your humidifier is clean change your humidifier filter as needed and as instructed.
  5. Keep children away from the humidifier to avoid an accident: Children are naturally curious about everything to keep them safe from accident keep them away from the humidifier
  6. Always read and follow the instruction of your humidifier manufacturer: Every type of humidifier is different from each other that is why it’s important to read the manufacturer guide to make sure that you are using the machine correctly.
  7. Choose the type of humidifier according to your needs: Humidifier has different types of design according to customers’ needs and to choose the right one to make humidifiers more beneficial.
  8. Always check the wiring of your humidifier.

Are humidifiers helpful or harmful? It’s important to choose the right humidifier according to your needs to make it more useful and beneficial to you.

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