10 Benefits of Cinnamon

To support you in this journey, it is better if we start exploring several facts about cinnamon, specifically how it can help us.

cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder

Cinnamon is one of the ingredients that many of us love to use when we are baking muffins, cookies, and cakes. It produces a distinct smell that makes the pastry more enticing and savory to taste. It is known as a tasty and flavorful spice, and one of the many benefits of cinnamon range from managing pain to alleviating diabetes. Cinnamon has an interesting history as it was considered to be priceless as gold in the early times. 

One of the reasons why this spice was highly valued in the past is because it offers numerous health benefits to us. Researchers continuously conduct clinical studies to prove the health promises that the spice provides. With just a dash of this magical spice, many people even the medical professionals believe that we can have a good chance of fighting of diseases.

To support you in this journey, it is better if we start exploring several facts about cinnamon, specifically how it can help us.

10 Benefits of Cinnamon That We Can Get to Boost our Health

Cinnamon Helps Us Fight Free Radicals

A lot of people believe that free radicals are the cause or contribute to the development or onset of serious illnesses such as cancer. Cinnamon contains polyphenols and other strong antioxidants that can help save us from having these medical conditions. One clinical study showed that cinnamon has outranked oregano, garlic, and other superfoods in terms of antioxidant activity. Many experts also agree that its antioxidants are strong enough to preserve food for some time.

Magic Spice Boosts the Metabolism

Another helpful benefit of this magical spice is that it shows promise in boosting our metabolism. Clinical research showed cinnamon as rich in cinnamaldehyde. This is the compound found by scientists to be responsible for better metabolism.

Inflammation No More

Don’t get me wrong. Inflammation is one sign that our body is in good health. Inflammation shows that tissue repair is ongoing in our bodies. It can be just alarming if inflammation persists. Much medical research found that the cinnamon is helpful as it is packed with antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Cinnamon Shows Promise in Insulin Resistance Management

One of the most prevalent serious illnesses that I have heard nowadays is diabetes. This condition is genetically predisposed and at the same time can be developed as we grow old. One of the indications of type 2 diabetes is being resistant to insulin. This is where we might find cinnamon helpful. Many medical experts agree that cinnamon can boost one’s sensitivity to insulin. Because of this capability, clinical studies showed that this magical spice has the potential to reduce the levels of our blood sugar. 

Spice to Alleviate Heart Disease

Many people believe heart disease to be one of the primary premature death causes. Heart disease can be a complication of a lot of illnesses such as diabetes. A lot of clinical specialists recommend type 2 diabetes patients to have a daily intake of a half teaspoon of this spice to lower their blood cholesterol. With this capability, one research concluded that cinnamon boosts the levels of good cholesterol and reduces our risk of having a heart disease.

More More Benefits to Patients With Diabetes

The benefits of cinnamon are a lot that these can’t be limited to our fingers. One of these are its capability to lower the glucose amount that we have every after meal. Studies show that this spice works with our digestive juices and help cut our blood sugar.

Cinnamon Might Save Us From Cancer

The benefits of cinnamon are a lot and one of these is its potential to save us all from the serious medical condition known as cancer. Having an uncontrolled growth of the cell is one of the causes of cancer, according to studies. Several research was conducted by experts to see the promises of cinnamon in relation to the treatment as well as prevention of this illness. Many of those that involved animal trials have shown promise about the potential of this spice to act against cancer cell proliferation as well as growth. Additionally, several studies found that cinnamon can trigger blood vessels formation in cancer cells. When this happens, some experts believe that it toxifies tumors and result to apoptosis.

How Does Cinnamon Impact Infections?

Cinnamon contains a lot of nutrients and minerals that can improve our health. Cinnamaldehyde is just one of those that experts found to be effective in protecting us against fungal as well as bacterial infections. In addition to the infections in the respiratory tract due to the presence of fungi, infections caused by salmonella and listeria may also be prevented with the daily intake of this spice. Studies also show the potential of cinnamon in fighting off tooth decay and at the same time keeping us safe from having bad breath.

Is Cinnamon Effective in Protecting Us Against HIV?

HIV infection is a medical condition wherein the immune system of the patient is slowly weakening. The infection can eventually progress to AIDS if treatments were ineffective. Recent studies from clinical experts found the potential of cinnamon to help patients with HIV-1. To top it off, a clinical study conducted in a laboratory setting indicated cinnamon to exceed other 69 herbal plants when it comes to fighting off HIV.

Cinnamon Might Help People Who Are Suffering From Brain Diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases are medical conditions wherein people show signs of memory loss. Science has proven that these diseases were due to the fact that there is progressive degeneration in the way our brain cells function. The most popular and prevalent types of neurodegenerative diseases are Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

How does cinnamon help the patients with these diseases? A clinical study conducted on mice exhibiting signs of Parkinson’s disease found that the subjects’ neurons were all protected through their intake of cinnamon. The levels of neurotransmitters as well as the motor functions of the subjects also improved after intake of the spice.

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