Dandelion Root: What are Its Health Benefits?

Dandelion root is not only edible, it’s filled with nutrition – to the brim. We’re talking about so much vitamins, minerals and key antioxidants that could give your fave multivitamins a run for the money.

dandelion root

Surprise! Surprise! Dandelion root is not only edible, but it’s also filled with nutrition – to the brim. We’re talking about so many vitamins, minerals and key antioxidants that could give your fave multivitamins a run for the money.

No wonder the roots of the dandelion, Genus Taraxacum, is and has always been a mainstay in many Chinese medicines. For centuries now. And yes, children may complain about their pollens. Dandelion’s flowers are notorious in giving people allergies. Still, the length to which this wildflower can service mankind cannot be overemphasized. Indeed. Introducing this small-flowered plant into your kitchen could bid you well.

Benefits of the Dandelion Root

Named after its sharp leaves that bears the semblance of lion’s teeth, dandelion has a long history as a useful medicine. As early as the tenth-century expert Arab medicine men already recorded the curative powers of dandelion. What is even surprising is the whole plant is edible. From roots to flowers. And even leaves. But what stands out as most potent are its roots.  So next time you pass by the ‘magical weed’ all alone in a field of grass, you don’t just ignore it. It’s definitely no pest plant. Below are 5 key benefits of dandelion roots you dare not miss.

1. Liver Boost

For centuries, dandelion roots have been utilized extensively in the treatment of disorders involving the liver. Top of the list is jaundice. To note, the liver is the body’s blood purifier. The reddish brown 3-pounder filters fresh blood straight from the digestive tract, purifying the essential liquid before distributing it for the whole body to use. It is in this part of the body that chemicals get detoxified and drugs metabolized. As it’s work is cleaning work is extensive, the liver can be negatively affected by a string of complications. Viruses, like  Hepatitis A to C, chief among them.

The extensive amount of research shows the roots of the dandelion strengthen the detoxifying prowess of the liver. Many health practitioners push dandelion tea (root) for instance for patients who are into antidepressants. Many of these drugs constrain the detoxification function of the liver.

The liver-boosting action of dandelion roots has made it a go-to companion drug for people taking in synthetic drugs. Current research from the Journal of Medicinal Food points out to this function: the immediate protection of the liver from the harmful side effects of regular, synthetic drugs. Painkillers, acetaminophen, for one.

Still, you need to observe caution when using Taraxacum roots for the liver. A regular daily serving of 500 mg dandelion root – but not exceeding 2,000 mg – should be a good start.

2. Diabetes Support

Good news for the over 100 million Americans who are affected by diabetes – prediabetes including. Dandelion roots may well be the natural sugar balancer you’ve been pining for all these years. The roots of the seeming ‘stubborn’ weed carry alpha-glucosidase, a substance notable for its ability to reduce blood sugar. For years now, dandelion has become a natural ally in the treatment of diabetes.

For people with diabetes, consulting a physician is best. This way, they can monitor their progress better. In many instances, dandelion root tea simply does so many wonders that diabetics tend to reduce their synthetic medication altogether.

3. Anticancer Superwarrior

In terms of health benefits, dandelion’s cancer-fighting abilities may well be the wild herb’s biggest contribution to mankind. There’s such a big promise; you could be tempted to uproot all the wild plant every time you see it – those from your neighbor including. No kidding.

Current Canadian research show it only takes 48 hours of direct exposure to dandelion potent extract for the cancer cells to die off. Even more surprising, dandelion destroyed tough cancer cells which are immune to chemotherapy. The study featuring dandelion’s superb anticancer prowess was first published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal.

But it doesn’t stop there. Women who are fighting the onslaught of cancer may cry for joy. Another research published in the International Journal of Oncology revealed tea taken from dandelion leaves slowed down breast cancer cells. Even more impressive, tea from the roots of the wild plant ‘blocked’ breast cancer from invading breast tissues.

Moreover, all this good work seem to come without a price. Research show dandelion acted only on cancerous tissues leaving healthy body tissues untouched – largely intact. In this sense, dandelion root extract carries ‘excellent potential’, a favorable alternative to conventional/controversial treatment models like chemotherapy.

4. Fat Burner

The fat-reducing potential of dandelion and its roots can be directly attributed to its superb liver-boosting capacity. In this regards, it may be unparalleled. A big boon to the increasingly obese planet.

It must be understood that fat accumulation is a complex process. The ability of your body to spend far fewer calories than your body has taken up adds to your weight over time. Metabolism, the chemical reaction within your body that turns food into energy, is at the center of it all. Boosting it would be instrumental in losing fats.

Dandelion reduces fats in two ways. Primarily, it induces the liver to increase its bile production. In turn, this introduces more bile to the gallbladder – turning up fat burning. On the second note, the presence of dandelion extracts stimulates the gallbladder to contract. And by this action, more stored bile is released.

Further, dandelion through its leaf and root extracts puts a balance to our hormones, This way, we minimize fat storage. Up our metabolism and energy levels.

5. Powerful Diuretic

Lastly, if you have problems urinating, dandelion root could be your best bet as a diuretic. Taking in regular sips of the powerful root extract in tea form is timely. It increases your natural urine production. Which in effect, also make it a top choice in the cleansing of your bladder.

When your urine production increase, you flush out harmful bladder bacteria faster. In thnis sense, dandelion root tea is essential in treating bladder infections.

Dandelion Root Serving Suggestion

In most instances, dandelion root can be obtained commercially in capsule form or in powdered. Note, however, that for best results use dandelion root tinctures instead of dandelion root tea. To deconcoct, boil 2 teaspoons of the dandelion powder for every cup of water. Simmer for 45 minutes. Take 3 cups daily.

dandelion root

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