Top 10 Foods That are High in Phosphorous

Phosphorus can give you a lot of health benefits. Find out which food can give you this nutrient below.

Foods High in Phosphorous

Food is very important in your body. It gives you the energy and nutrients that you need to keep
going every day. One of these nutrients that you need is phosphorus.

Phosphorus is a nutrient that is essential in making your bones healthy. It can also give you tons of energy as well as make sure that you have new cells in your body. However, take note that you should know the right amount of phosphorus needed for your body.

For adults, it is recommended to have a daily intake of 700 mg. Doctors suggest that teens and pregnant women should have more than that amount. In most cases, studies show that you can take up to 1,000 mg. There are even times when the doctor would allow up to 1,250 mg, depending on your need.

Do take note that excessive intake of this nutrient can give you complications like kidney disease. This is why it is very important that you consult with your doctor first regarding your consumption of phosphorus.

And now, without further ado, here are the top 10 food that can give you phosphorus:

Foods High in Phosphorous

1. Dairy

As you might know, dairy products are rich in nutrients. In fact, it contains calcium, vitamin D, Riboflavin, vitamin B12, and potassium. Of course, it has phosphorus, around 22% RDI. There are even studies that claim that you are most likely to take 20% to 30% phosphorus from dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, milk, and cottage cheese.

Even better, did you know that an ounce of Romano cheese already contains 213 mg of phosphorus? It does! Or if you want, you can drink one cup of skim milk to get at least 35% phosphorus.

If you are aiming to reach the required number of phosphorus every day, you must take non-fat
dairy products or those in non-fat. On the contrary, if you need only a small amount of phosphorus, then you need to take whole-fat dairy products.

2. Turkey and chicken

Surprisingly, meat such as turkey and chicken has the most phosphorus content. Just one cup of roasted chicken only has 300 mg of phosphorus, which is already 40% of your daily need. Another thing that you should remember is that light meat has more phosphorus than the dark one.

Also, the way you cook the meat has an effect on its phosphorus content. So if you want to preserve the nutrient, then the best way to cook the chicken or turkey is through roasting. But if you plan to reduce phosphorus in your meat, then you should boil the food.

3. Organ meats

Surprisingly, even organ meats are rich in phosphorus. Although not everyone is a fan of this kind of food, it contains various minerals such as folate, vitamin B12, and zinc. It is also rich in protein and amino acids.

So if you are planning to eat organ meats, you can eat the following: tripe, kidneys, heart, liver, brain, and tongue. One ounce of a cow’s brain is already worth 50% phosphorus. If you want to get more than that, then you should eat chicken liver which can give you 53% per 3 ounces.

4. Nuts

Nuts are very nutritious. It can be eaten as a snack or added to your meal. Whichever way you prefer, you can still get its various nutrients. It has healthy fat, protein, and fiber. What would further convince you to eat nuts is that it can make you live longer. In addition, it can lower your risk of chronic diseases.

Among the many kinds of nuts, the nut with the most phosphorus is Brazil nuts. A ½ cup of this nut has 2/3 of the required phosphorus count for adults. You can also eat other nuts including cashews, pistachio, almonds, and pine nuts to get 40% RDI of phosphorus. But do take note that not all nuts are digestible so it is still a must that you consult with your doctor first before taking or buying any nuts.

5. Seafood

It is no doubt that seafood is delicious. That is not all as it is also nutritious. It contains tons of health benefits such as low fat, low in cholesterol, high in vitamins, and rich in phosphorus. One of the richest sources of phosphorus is cuttlefish with an RDI of 70%.

To get the most out of the health benefits of seafood, you can eat mackerel, sardines, and salmon to get omega-3 fatty acids that can help cure a lot of diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

6. Soy

Just like most of the food mentioned here, soy can give you a lot of health benefits. It can give you protein, lower your blood pressure, and even lower your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Research shows that matured soybeans have the most phosphorus. On the contrary, edamame has 60% less RDI. What is good about soy is that you can increase its phosphorus content by seasoning it. You can also buy fermented ones or soy products like soy milk or tofu.

7. Whole grains

Whole grains such as rice, oats, and wheat can give you phosphorus. The nutrient is found on the outer layer of the oat which is the endosperm. But once you remove the layers, the nutrients are also removed, which is why refined grains do not have phosphorus.

8. Beans

A lot of people do not like beans. But this vegetable actually contains a lot of phosphorus. Plus, eating this can give you other benefits like a cure for cancer and chronic diseases.

Should you decide to eat beans instead of other phosphorus-rich food, you need to eat at least one cup of boiled lentils which is already equivalent to 51% RDI. Other types of beans that you can eat are pinto, navy, and chickpeas.

9. Pork

Another phosphorus-rich food that you can eat is pork. It has up to 32% RDI phosphorus. However, take note that the level will depend on the cut of the pork. If you want to get the most phosphorus, you need to eat pork tenderloins. The way the pork is cooked will determine the
amount of phosphorus as well. If you dry heat to cook the pork, you can get 90% of the pork’s phosphorus.

10. Sunflower

Last on the list are sunflower seeds. An ounce of this seed has 45% RDI of phosphorus. While this can be a great thing, you need to take note that 80% of the nutrient found on sunflower seeds are unable to digest. One way to solve this problem is by soaking the seeds. Once you are done, you can enjoy your seeds as a snack or even add to your favorite meals such as pesto.

Foods High in Phosphorous

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