How to Get Rid of Scars Quickly and Effectively

Scars occur during the healing process of injuries where the skin generates collagen fibers to help the body during injury recuperation. Fortunately, there are remedies that can get rid of scars quickly and effectively.

Get Rid of Scars Quickly and Effectively

Scars affect people from all walks of life since they appear right after the body’s healing process during injuries. And since all people experience getting injured, it is but natural for people to look for effective scar remedies that quickly address the scarring of the skin. Scar remedies that can get rid of scars quickly and effectively range from simple home remedies to more sophisticated ones that require a medical professional’s assistance.

What are Scars?

Scars, in their most basic definition, are traces of skin injury or epidermal damage. Scarring occurs as part of the wound healing process where our body produces collagen fibers to assist in covering up breaks in the skin caused by different injuries. During the healing process, fiber collagens that cover up the injured area usually look different from the rest the surrounding skin thereby making a scar more prominent and stick out like a sore thumb. It also doesn’t help that injury causing scars show up in the most exposed parts of the body such as the face, neck, knees, legs and arms. Some scars can be less prominent especially when covered under various layers of clothing but with the aforementioned prominently displayed scars, it is best to have scar remedies prepared to quickly make them go away.

Factors that Affect Healing and Scarring

There are various factors that affect the outcomes of injury healing and consequently, the scarring that may develop from the said injury. Some of these are:

  1. Wounds that heal faster tend to have less visible scarring on the skin. Patients with diabetes then, or those whose injuries tend to last longer, have an increased risk of developing scars.
  2. Wound severity is also factor that contributes to scarring. The larger, deeper and more severe the wound, the higher the probability of scarring
  3. An Individual’s Age can affect the scarring of injuries. Older people can have more severe scars compared to younger ones due their bodies diminished healing properties.

Different types of Scars

Scars vary depending on the type of bodily response and injury a person has. The following are the types of scars:

1. Atrophic Scars

These are scars that appear lowered, indented, rough and/or flat on the skin of an individual. They are usually caused by deep injuries with significant epidermal damage such as cuts and crater-like wounds such as pimples and chickenpox.

2. Keloid Scars

Scars caused by the excess healing of injuries through the over production of tissue. Keloids are excess fibrous tissues that cover healed injuries resulting in raised or puffy scars.

3. Hypertrophic Scars

Similar to Keloid scars, hypertrophic scars are caused by excessive forming of tissues as injuries heal. Unlike keloid scars, however, these scars stay within the area of the injury and do not extend beyond or above the injured portion.

4. Contracture Scars

Scars that cover large portions of injured skin such as burns, resulting in light and tight skin that may sometimes restrict movement.

Common Scar Remedies that can get rid of scars Quickly and Effectively

Scars can make people lose their self-esteem and become self-conscious. Having them may result in perceived unattractiveness especially if the scar is located in a prominent area of the body. Fortunately, there are some simple and readily available scar remedies that may result in the fast removal of scars. While there is no 100% sure fire way to totally remove scars, the scar remedies listed below can be of great help in diminishing the damage caused by scarring:

Aloe Vera

The extract of the aloe vera may be used to quickly make scars disappear or diminish. To do this, rub the light green aloe vera plant gel onto the affected skin area. Let it stay on the skin for half an hour and wash/ clean off with cool running water. Do this at least twice a day and see your scar lighten and eventually diminish.

Vitamin E 

Instead of typically taking and ingesting Vitamin E capsules, cut open one tablet, apply in circular motion the contents of the tablet onto the scarred portion of the skin, wash it off after 20 minutes and repeat thrice a day. Aside from being associated with beauty, Vitamin E can help boost your body’s fight against scars


Cover the scarred area with honey before going to bed, wrap the area with some bandage and leave overnight. In the morning wash the honey off with cool water. Making this a part of your daily routine can help speed up the healing of your scars.

Coconut Oil 

Heat a few spoons of coconut oil enough to make it easy to apply on skin. Massage the oil into the affected area for around 10 minutes, let it sit and be absorbed by the scarred skin for at least an hour and repeat two to four times daily.


Gently rub the fleshy part of a lemon wedge onto the scar while gently squeezing out some lemon juice on the affected portion. Let the lemon juice sit for around ten minutes before rinsing with cool water. For best results, it is ideal to do the lemon rubbing regimen daily and on approximately the same time within the day.

Baking Soda

Make a paste out of baking soda by mixing in distilled water, put some distilled water on the scar before gently applying the baking soda paste, then secure the paste on the spot for around 15 minutes using a warm compress before rinsing the paste off. This procedure should be repeated daily for maximum effect.


Using an exfoliating body wash, gently rub a loofah over the scarred area of the skin. If one takes a bath twice a day, it is recommended that the buffing of the scarred area be accomplished twice a day as well to better remove dead skin cells and allow new skin cells to grow over the scar.

While scars can adversely affect our physical and emotional well-being, some of the scar remedies listed above can be utilized to speed up the scar healing/ diminishing process.

Get Rid of Scars Quickly and Effectively

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