Himalayan Salt Bath Benefits

Himalayan salt bath benefits include better sleep and improved skin condition.

A small bowl of Himalayan pink salt

After a long, tiresome day at the office wouldn’t it be nice to soak yourself in a warm hot tub, forgetting all the grueling events? Wouldn’t it be nice too to have a type of bath that not only removes all the grime and sweat that have accumulated on your skin but also rejuvenate and strengthen your body’s immunity? There are actually a plethora of natural products extracted from nature’s bounty that can do just that.

One particular product that has become popular to many people, especially those who love balancing wellness and using synthetic-free products is Himalayan Salt. Himalayan salt has many uses but in recent years, a lot has hailed and promoted the benefits of the Himalayan salt bath.

Himalayan Salt: What Is It Where Did it Come From?

Several types of therapeutic salt or sea salt have emerged in recent years. Mostly extracted from sea beds, these salts don’t contain impurities that common salt possess. While we regularly add salt to make the dishes savory and for other purposes as well, unfortunately, some of these are way too processed and enhanced with other chemical substances that can cause an imbalance in our system.

Himalayan Salt is extracted from caves far from toxins, thus preserving its minerals and health-giving value. Aside from this, Himalayan salt is packed with so many nutrients that make it ideal for any type of physical and physiological purposes.

Pinkish to slightly red, Himalayan salt comes from the Khewra Salt mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan, which is also part of the Himalayan mountain ranges that span the northern parts of South Asia. Its crystal in form, before transformed into minute salt so at times it is used for aesthetic purposes, like a table lamp.

What does it contain?

While it shares some chemical similarities with other types of salt, it is less salty and has a distinctive taste which makes it ideal for cooking. However, what makes it super beneficial though are the vast amount of minerals that one can be had after using it.

Some examples of these chemicals that make it right for the body include phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, vanadium and many more. We all know how beneficial iron is in strengthening the immune system and triggering the production of hemoglobin, or of magnesium in its role in taking care of the nerve function and managing insulin and blood sugar. So these are just some benefits that we gain when we incorporate Himalayan salt.

However, Himalayan salt benefits are so vast too, aside from using it as a culinary product. The body will surely thank you once an ample amount are added in a tub full of warm water.

Salty Magic: Himalayan Salt Benefits

If you’re one of those who are often stressed and have physical and health issues, you can definitely benefit from a mixture of warm water and Himalayan Salt. Here are just some Himalayan salt bath benefits:

Promotes good sleep

Diluting Himalayan salt in a hot tub has cooling and relaxing effects, so taking a bath at night before going to bed can help those who sometimes experience trouble sleeping. Himalayan salt can help the body to relax and put it in a state of calm.

Helps relieve respiratory problems

Respiratory problems oftentimes strike during the winter season, thus coughing, sneezing and feverish bouts are common. Sinus issues, allergies, and other upper respiratory infections also occur for those who are prone to such ailments. Soaking yourself in warm water with Himalayan salt gives instant relief as inhaling the steam has curative effects. Likewise, the salt particles, when diluted and inhaled has antimicrobial elements that can help those with lung ailments like asthma and even improve the function of the lungs.

Promotes better skin

Those who are wary of using soaps and body washes can truly benefit from soaking in Himalayan Salt bath as the minerals and nutrients can make help make the skin glow and soft to touch. When the himalayan salt water dries, it provides a barrier that protects and makes the skin supple.

Likewise, because of the natural salt, it cleanses and purifies the skin, drawing out the impurities and leaves the pores clean.

Helps treat skin problems

Those with pesky skin problems and blemishes like acne, psoriasis and eczema will surely enjoy soaking in a hot tub mixed with Himalayan salt as it contains anti microbial and antibacterial elements that can soothe and help improve the condition of the skin.

Helps reduce water retention

Another Himalayan salt bath benefit is reducing the feeling of bloating and water retention. Bloating not only adds weight to the individual but also can make the person feel uncomfortable. Soaking in warm water with Himalayan Salt, draws the water out and other impurities making the person feel lighter and slimmer.

Reduce muscle pains and stiffness of joints

After a heavy workout or working long hours, we sometimes feel our muscles begin to ache and turn stiff. Same also with the joints that at times feel sore. These pains escalate as we age, or even become arthritis. The good thing is, Himalayan Salt has anti-inflammatory properties that can provide immediate relief after soaking in a hot with these pinkish salt crystals.

Preparing your own Himalayan Salt Bath

While you might think that it’s super easy to prepare a Himalayan Salt, it’s always wise to consider our body’s ability to adjust to the content. Hence, it should be proportionate to our body’s body fluids, which is a 1% salt solution.

When measuring, make sure that in every gallon of water, only 1.2 ounces of Himalayan Salt should be added. As for the temperature of the water, the recommended is 37 Celsius or 97 Fahrenheit. The temperature should be at least identical to the body’s temperature as the Himalayan salt actually provides more effectivity that way.

20 to 30 minutes is all you need to soak in this infused warm bath. Make sure also to bring a glass of water as immersing in warm water can be dehydrating too.

Don’t rinse the water, let it dry for a few minutes then towel off. This allows the Himalayan salt water bath to bind on the skin.

Seek Doctors Advise First

While Himalayan salt bath benefits are aplenty, those with certain ailments should seek doctor’s advice first. Those suffering from heart disease, high or low blood pressure, kidney disease, liver ailment, and diabetes and weak heart circulation could experience some negative effects thus checking with the doctor first is highly recommended.

Salty Magic: Himalayan Salt Benefits

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