How to Do a Parasite Cleanse

Parasites are living organisms that takes host and infects a living being’s body. They survive by depending on its host to grow and reproduce as anyone can get a parasitic infection.

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Parasites are indeed dangerous, there is this one incident happened that was broadcasted in 2018 where a man died from eating slugs and it happens like this. One night in the year 2010, Sam Ballard and his friends had a dare, which is to eat a slug, and so he did. He started feeling dizzy, started vomiting, and worst of all feeling pain in his legs. He ended up being in a coma for eight years and died in 2018. The research found out that Sam Ballard, who ate the slug that cost him his life, had been infected by a rat lungworm.

The infection occurs by eating fresh or not well-cooked fish, prawns, snails, and slugs. The slug infected with the parasite gets into Ballard’s body system and paralyzed him for good till his death. This is one unusual incident that happens as it started with a dare and everything went from bad to worse. An incident involving parasites and how they affect us, humans. Therefore, parasite cleanse is important to prevent parasites from spreading and totally damaging our internal systems.

We will look at ways of eliminating parasites, through natural parasite cleanse. We will also find out about parasites and their types, how they are acquired, and how they affect us. Increasing awareness is key and acknowledging their risks is important for us to create good action plans in avoiding scenarios like Sam Ballard’s case.

Most Common Parasites

Parasites are living organisms that take the host and infects a living being’s body. They survive by depending on its host to grow and reproduce as anyone can get a parasitic infection. As there are three main classes for parasites that can cause health issues to us humans; the protozoa, the helminths, and the ectoparasites.


These parasites are one-celled organisms that can multiply within a human’s body. They can only live and multiply within the host living body and eat bacteria, microfungi, and algae. Protozoan germs are human parasites that cause diseases like malaria, amoebiasis and a lot more.


These parasites are visible to the eye as large and multicellular organisms as they are parasitic worms that feed on the living host’s nutrients, as typically regarded as intestinal parasites. They cannot multiply in their adult form inside human bodies as helminths can be free-living or parasitic.


These parasites infect the skin, hair, scalp and depend on a blood meal from humans or other living organisms for their survival. They are usually visible to the eyes and can see actual damage caused to the body through skin or scalp like lice, mites, fleas, bed bugs, scabies, and ticks.

How Parasites Get Into Us

Anyone or any other living organism can get parasites and can be under parasitic infection. But people having issues with the immune system are at a greater risk of acquiring parasites. Other factors include living and traveling in tropical and subtropical countries and drinking unclean water.

If you love swimming in lakes, rivers, or ponds there is a big tendency you may acquire parasites. If your work involves exposure to soil and stool regularly, you are at risk as well. In some cases, they come from foods that are raw or undercooked. And unknowingly our pets have parasites too as they interact with the environment and other alien forms of substances.

Being aware of parasites will help us understand that everything we do they are there present as small and invisible creatures affecting us from the inside and out. Here are some practices to do to parasite cleanse:

1. Adjusting our Eating Plan

Parasites consume a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. Cutting their source of food stops them from multiplying. Also, it allows our immune system to be stronger by limiting the intake of processed foods, grans, fruit, and alcohol.

2. Increasing Consumption of Anti-Parasitic Foods

These are foods that eliminate and reduce parasites by eating garlic and onions as they are rich in antibacterial and antifungal compounds. It also increases the health of your good bacteria to fight against parasites as garlic is one good source of prebiotics. In addition, eating prebiotic fermented foods helps keep our good health so eating kimchi, miso, yogurt, and others will strengthen good bacterias too.

3. Time Frame for Clearing Parasites

Parasites have a lifecycle so we may be successful in eliminating the old ones but they have eggs so they can still be present. One way to surely abolish them is by doing a two weeks cleansing, one week off, and two more weeks’ parasite cleansing to obliterate the next generations of the parasite inside your body.

4. Drinks and Herbs for Parasite Cleansing

These are herbs that kill parasites because of the content that they bring affecting the health of parasites and eventually eliminating them. Here are some herbs to use:

  • Papaya Seeds: the usual and quickest remedy to be used for digestive issues as they are full of fatty acids that affect the parasite’s life.
  • Oregano Oil: anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oil that is taken for a period of time that can affect the microbiome system eliminating parasites.
  • Black Walnut: contains special compounds that increase our body’s defenses against parasites and other toxic agents.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: drinking one to two tablespoon of this vinegar weakens parasites and provides a better balance inside your GI tract.

5. Do Exercise and Stay Hydrated

Drinking water 8 times a day keeps your body hydrated and removes toxins. Doing regular exercise too helps your body be healthier and it increases your body’s circulation.


Parasites are definitely hard adversaries to deal with, as they pose a great threat to our bodies and life. Being aware of how we acquire allows us to take precautionary measures.

Just like what happened with Sam Ballard, it was just a dare and eventually cost him his life. We can prevent this through awareness and by talking immediately with medical health professionals.

how to do a parasite cleanse

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