Healthy Low-Carb Snacks to Indulge in Guilt-Free

When selecting snacks low in carbohydrates you have several options. They include pepperoni crisps, trail mix, and mini cheesecakes known as “fat bombs.” The key is for the snack foods to have a low carbohydrate count.

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It’s been said, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Surprisingly you can do both when you’re on some plans including low-carb/high-fat (LCHF) diets like the ketogenic diet. When you pick low carb snacks it’s important to select ones that get a thumbs up for your particular diet. That includes ones that are keto-friendly. When selecting snacks low in carbohydrates you have several options. They include pepperoni crisps, trail mix, and mini cheesecakes known as “fat bombs.” The key is for the snack foods to have a low carbohydrate count. For example, in keto, your overall carb intake must stay under 50g.  

Another plus of many low-carbohydrate snacks is they won’t cause blood sugar spikes. For example, ingredients like white flour are swapped out and substitutes like almond/coconut flour are swapped in. These flours are lower-carb so they can help you to stay in the metabolic state known as “ketosis.” This causes your body to get energy from stored fat versus food carbs. That’s a good thing to help avoid health conditions like high blood sugar, obesity, and type-2 diabetes. Another plus of snacks low in carbs is they can be nutritious and delicious. For example, foods like almonds, avocados, and flaxseeds are high-flavor AND low-carb. 

What Are Low Carb Snacks?

Let’s start with what “low-carb” means. Low-carb diets like Keto and Atkins keep your carbohydrates low so you’ll go into a state of “ketosis.” When this happens, your body gets energy from fat stores instead of various foods that are consumed.

The amount of carbs you can eat is usually limited for a particular day. For example, in the keto diet, your total calories are about 5% to 10% carbs. That works out to 50g of carbs per day or sometimes even about half of that.

So, here’s the thing. When you plan your low-carbohydrate snacks it’s important to do the math. In general, the snacks will be somewhat higher in carbs than your regular food. For example, while flour made from almonds, coconuts, and chia seeds are lower-carb, they’re not 0-carb.

Speaking of which, ditching wheat flour is one of the keys to low-carb baking. This helps to drop carbs significantly to prevent blood sugar spikes. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy many classics like cakes, cookies, pies, bread, and something called “fat bombs.”

Besides flour, you should also consider using high-fat ingredients like almond milk and coconut oil to add low-fat versions of old-school versions like cow’s milk or vegetable oil.

Another key to making low-carb snacks is to avoid all types of sugar. It starts out with sugarcane products like white, brown, and raw sugar. You should also swap out stuff like molasses, corn syrup, and maple syrup. Just because a food name doesn’t have the word “sugar” in it doesn’t mean the food doesn’t.

Another issue to consider is portion sizes. Yes, foods like pepperoni crisps and pork rinds are keto-friendly since they’re low-carb. However, if you eat lots of them the calories and carbs will add up. That can wreck your diet and make the foods not-so-low-carb. That’s a bad thing.

Top Low Carb Snacks

Deviled Eggs

Fun Fact: One big egg has under 1g of carbs. Besides that, eggs are chock-full of nutrients like protein, good cholesterol, and Vitamin B12.

Deviled eggs are an oldie-but-goodie recipe that includes stuff like hard-boiled eggs, mayo, and some spices like paprika. They’re also quite filling.

DIY Trail Mix

It turns out the trail mix isn’t just for taking a hike in the woods. They include lots of tasty ingredients like pecans, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds. Another key ingredient is the coconut flakes that add flavor and more healthy fats.

Fat Bombs

These are one of the go-to snacks for people on the keto diet. They’re basically mini cheesecakes and can keep you filled up before your next snack. The key to these snacks is they include stuff like:

  • Nuts
  • Nut butter
  • Avocado
  • Chocolate (unsweetened)
  • Coconut

The key to these snacks is they’re low-carb and high-fat, which gives them a green light for keto. Besides that, who can resist cheesecake?

Stuffed Avocado

Fun Fact: Avocados have 12g of carbs, but it’s 75% fiber. This option can include eggs, shrimp, and cheese.

Cheddar Crisps

These low-carb crisps are made from cheddar cheese. They have under 1g of carbs per serving, which is amazing. These are also easy to make and available in other varieties like pepperoni.

Berries/Whipped Cream

Is whipped cream low-carb? This is the real deal: cream that’s whipped instead of the pre-packaged stuff with tons of sugar. You can go with your favorite berries like blueberries or strawberries.

Tuna Lettuce Wraps

This is a low-carb version of the classic tuna salad sandwich. It includes some basics like tuna, mayo, and even celery. 

One key that makes it low-carb is the “bread” is lettuce instead of whole wheat bread. This makes it not only low-carb but also gluten-free. Make and enjoy these tasty morsels!

Keto-Friendly Snacks

Google reports the ketogenic diet topped its 2018 list of trending diets. Here are some keto-friendly snacks:

Salad Bite

While a garden salad is great, a Caesar Salad is even better. These mini bites feature the salad named after the Roman emperor.

They include lots of keto-approved ingredients like Romaine or kale, Parmesan cheese, and chicken/salmon. These ingredients add the perfect blend for low-carb, mid-protein, and high-fat.

Shrimp/Bell Pepper Kebabs

The concept of meat on a stick is basic. However, it’s also easy to prepare and a cinch to turn into a snack while on the keto diet.

This snack food is perfect for ketogenic diet followers. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that are outstanding for heart health. Meanwhile, the bell peppers are often considered superfoods and are low-carb whether you pick red, green, or yellow varieties.

Sushi Rolls

Here’s a sushi snack for keto dieters. It features seaweed sheets, fatty fish, and chopped vegetables. You can go with authentic raw fish or cooked fish if you wish.

Add good fats with peanut sauce or cream cheese.  Just make sure there’s no added sugar so you’ll stay in ketosis.

Veggie Sticks w/ Nut Butter

Many of us grew up eating celery sticks with peanut butter. It turns out many store-bought peanut butters is loaded with sugar and salt. 

You can go with organic peanut butter. However, you can also pick other nut butter if you want some verity. Fun Fact: Peanuts are beans.

Egg Muffins

The Egg McMuffin is one of McDonald’s most popular breakfast items. The problem is the English muffin, in particular, isn’t low-carb.

This version is keto-friendly. It includes eggs and some other ingredients like tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese. They’re also baked, which adds another healthy feature. The average egg muffin has 5g of fat for the low carb snacks. 

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