Shilajit: Benefits and Side Effects

Shilajit contains superb minerals that the body needs for strengthening. These minerals are easily absorbed by the body as they are in ionic form.

Shilajit in a tin container

Shilajit takes a step further in restoring vitality and slowing down the effects of aging as it contains Fulvic – a natural nutrient with antioxidants that help reduce the effects of inflammation.

The Secrets of Shilajit

The Himalayans hold many treasures and secrets. These steep mountain ranges entice many thrill-seekers yearly to conquer or at least climb one of its famous peaks such as K2 or Everest. Others meanwhile seek solace at some of the monasteries hidden up in the mountains to meditate or better commune with nature. The mountains’ significance and ethereal beauty are just a few of its natural wonders that lure many people from different countries to visit and scale.

The Himalayans, however, have another organic gem that only those who invest in wellness are fully aware of its rejuvenating qualities. This substance is sometimes called in different names, but it is more popularly called Shilajit, derived from the Sanskrit word shilajit, which means mountain tar.

At first look, Shilajit may not seem appealing with its muddy and brownish hue. It is often described as a tar-like, sticky mass that either comes in white or dark color. Shilajit, or sometimes referred to as Moomiyo, is also found in the high altitudes of South, West and Central Asia and, the Caucasus region. While all types of Shilajit have superb benefits, the ones in the Himalayas are considered the purest.

So, How Did Shilajit Come to Form?

Based on studies, Shilajit is a plant-based element found on rocks and crevices, which came into being through centuries, decades and years of gradual decomposition of the plant or herbs as they lay exposed to natural elements. How man first came to know about its value remains unconfirmed. Some, however, suggest that it was through observation of animals consuming Shilajit that people came to realize its beneficial effects on overall health. And since we now live in a very stressful environment that affects our quality of life, we need natural supplements that can at least revive our depleted energy. Shilajit, fortunately, does that.

Shilajit contains superb minerals that the body needs for strengthening. The plus side is, these minerals are easily absorbed by the body as they are in ionic form. Aside from these, this plant-based element contains Fulvic and Humic – nutrients that cleanse the body from free radicals and harmful chemicals brought about by environmental pollutants. Even unhealthy food that we consume on a daily basis leave toxins in our body.

Men who experience low testosterone may want to check out this product as the nutrients in Shilajit can restore their vitality and even help those with decreased sex drive, receding hairline and fatigue.

Benefits of Shilajit

Below are some reasons why Shilajit should be part of your wellness routine.

1. Anti-Aging

While there are so many anti-aging medicines and creams out in the market, Shilajit takes a step further in restoring vitality and slowing down the effects of aging as it contains Fulvic – a natural nutrient with antioxidants that help reduce the effects of inflammation. A daily dosage of Shilajit is recommended to slow down the effects of aging.

2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Although studies on the source of CFS remains incomplete, it is said that daily intake of Shilajit can ease the symptoms of CFS. This is due to the fact that Shilajit helps increase the body’s energy by improving how the cell functions. A research done on the effectivity of reducing the symptoms was published by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2012.

3. Weight Loss

Those who are struggling with their weight or finding it hard to adopt an active lifestyle can surely benefit from taking Shilajit as a natural daily supplement in undiluted form. While it does not act as a fat burner, studies show that people who took this supplement responded well with exercise and retained their energy without feeling fatigued or lethargic, thus helping those with excess weight issues to continue with their workout.

4. Improving Male Fertility

Men who suffer low fertility and testosterone share some common symptoms: low libido, hair loss, and fatigue. These challenges, however, can be reversed by simply taking Shilajit as an oral supplement. Clinical studies have shown that men who tried the supplement for 90 days experienced a dramatic increase in the level of their testosterone. Aside from that, their sperm count and motility improved.

5. Heart Protection

While necessary precautions should be taken before taking Shilajit as a supplement, especially those who have ailments like an active heart condition, Shilajit has been proven to be effective in protecting the heart from injury. Laboratory tests on rats have indicated that those that were treated with this amazing substance from the Himalayas have shown resilience even after experiencing heart injury.

6. Iron Deficiency

Deficiency in iron can lead to anemia, which has manifestations such as lethargy, physical weakness, irregular heartbeat, headaches and, cold hands and feet. Anemia may also be due to a lack of hemoglobin.

Since iron deficiency means an insufficient amount of this element, Shilajit then may help relieve the symptoms or treat the deficiency as this substance is rich in humic and iron.

7. Altitude Sickness

Shilajit contains two powerful nutrients called fulvic and humic. Both can reduce the presence of harmful chemicals from the body and reduce inflammation. Aside from these two, Shilajit is likewise rich in other minerals that can also pump up the body’s immune system and strengthen the brain’s cognitive functions. Boosting these two plus lowering the effects of inflammation can help people who suffer from altitude sickness.


Although Shilajit has so many benefits for the human body and cognitive processes, extreme caution should still be exercised especially if the substance has adverse effects on prior ailments. For example, if you have hemochromatosis or have more than sufficient presence of iron in your blood, then Shilajit should be avoided. Same those with Thalassemia.

Hypertensive individuals and those who take medication for high blood pressure are also advised not to take any oral supplements with Shilajit as blood pressure can suddenly drop.

Those without any pre-existing conditions should also be careful in taking Shilajit. While its benefits are plentiful, taking them in raw and impure form should be strictly avoided to protect oneself from bacteria, fungus, contaminants, and allergens that can make one very ill. Some effects include extreme body heat, constipation, dizziness, and even fatigue. Always remember to ask for doctor’s advice or at least buy from reputable stores.

Shilajit supplement is available in liquid and powder form. Liquids are often combined with milk or other herbal drinks. The powder is sometimes drunk with milk too. Remember to read the instructions for proper dosage though. Some Ayurvedic stores sell Shilajit in resin form, but this is more undiluted and quite expensive.

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