10 Best Young Living Oils

Essential oils can do a lot of amazing things that are both mystical and scientific at the same time.

Do you know that essential oils are somewhat a form of witchcraft? Yes, you heard that right. Well, they are not exactly products of witchcraft per se. But they do have bewitching effects. With the right combination, they offer lovely variations of scent and uplift your mood, even give you peace. Noy there are many companies that produce essential oils. But I prefer Young Living oils the most.

Below, are 10 of my favorite Young Living Oils that have a fantastic scent, and of course, amazing effects.

1. Lavender

Lavender is a soothing oil that is gentle on the skin and smells relaxing. It even has psychological effects like calming your nerves and relaxing your agitated mood. At times, it can be used in minor skin irritations and rashes due to its antiseptic property. It might also help reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes.

2. Peppermint

Whenever you feel like you need a spa day, treat your senses with the refreshing scent of peppermint. You can also apply this essential oil to your body and feel instantly refreshed. When ingested, it improves your digestive tract and relieves bloating and the feeling of fullness.

3. Lemon

If you are feeling a little bit down and want to add a bit of sunshine to your day, you can count on this lemon essential oil to brighten you up. You can stay awake in this vibrant aroma and feel the gloom fade out.

The lemon essential oil can also be infused in your daily regimen. It reduces lines and other aging symptoms of the skin. It is also antiseptic and may help fight off foreign organisms and the occurrence of infection.

However, be sure to be protected yourself from direct sunlight you apply this essential oil topically. Lemon is acidic and can make your skin a bit sensitive.

4. Frankincense

The aromatic therapy of frankincense is unlike any other. This scent may leave you feeling grounded and back to your safe place again.

You can apply this in this face and can be included in your nightly routine for a fresher and younger look in the morning. It reduces the appearance of dark, uneven skin tone and adds to the overall vitality of the skin.

5. Thieves

The Thieves essential oil is a concoction of three essences which are lemon, clove, and cinnamon. Together they form an enticing and calming aroma to calm your nerves and senses. You rid off malodors or great smells by using this essential oil. You can drop four drops of this in your dehumidifier and smell as it does its wonder in ridding your air with foul smells or whatever odor you are trying to eliminate. It is also a form of antiseptic and may improve your immune system.

6. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is another vibrant aroma that entices your sense of smell. This type of essential is strong enough too to eliminate strong foul odors in enclosed room and spaces. You can also use this product for your nighttime skincare routine. It is antiseptic so you can use this as an oil cleanser. This essential oil might also help to improve the health of your circulatory system.

7. Cedarwood

Cedarwood is an essential oil that has a musky and sexy aroma. It could almost pass as a men’s perfume. It has an earth-like scent to it with a little bit of the sweet vanilla scent. It is versatile too. You can blend it in almost every scent that you can find out there. Or, you can infuse it in your nightly skin care routine because of its antiseptic properties.

Another good thing about the cedarwood essential oil is you can use it in your hair too if you want a sweet and vibrant scent on your hair.

8. Vetiver

This essential oil is somewhat similar to cedarwood. It has a hint of earthy scent, too.

Vetiver might help if you are feeling a bit agitated and can’t sleep at night. It provides a relaxing and calm aroma in your room. In addition to that, you could also infuse this to your nightly skincare routine. It helps even out your skin tone.

9. Oregano

The essential oregano oil and its plant counterpart have many amazing benefits. It can be aromatic too, but few people would want to smell this. Its aroma woody and minty and you might not be into this.

Even though oregano is not as vibrant-smelling as its counterparts, it is rich in health benefits. It can be used in body massages due to its warming effect on the muscles. It may also boost the immune system and improve digestive health.

10. Grapefruit

Grapefruit, as anyone can imagine, has a sweet and fruity aroma. If you like a scent like this scent, then the grapefruit essential oil might reinvigorate you. You can also use this essential oil as a skin cleanser as well as a support for weight loss.

Note: These essential oils are mostly used for aromatherapy. This article does not claim any medicinal effects of these essential oils.

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